Our clients represent a cross section of the largest quick service restaurant franchises in the business today. We’ve spent over 30 years helping them to improve their management systems. Our comprehensive business management system allows them to make more informed business decisions on a daily basis by providing accurate and timely business information keeping them profitable. We’re underpinned by a strong relationship with our clients who use our product in more than 400 sites across 8 concepts in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. The success is based on our proven, powerful and stable software range that is easy to understand and use.

With easy access to reporting and staff schedules, stock control and financial information, you can review and assess your key performance indicators in order to make better decisions about changes you can make to ensure you minimise costs and increase profits on a daily basis. Whether you need just general information on non-problem areas to ensure progress is tracking as expected, or more detailed information on challenging areas to keep improvements in check. Our software gives you all the tools you need to allow effective control of your day to day operations and business management opportunities.

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