Maxtel Xero Interface


OnTarget Restrictions

  • Single Site
  • Only one bank reconciliation available
  • No bank feed or ability to import bank transactions
  • No concept of company with multiple sites
  • Each supplier has a separate GL account
OnTarget Xero
Site database Tracking Category = Site (Controlled)
Supplier SitePrefix.Contact
1000 Bank Separate Bank Accounts  (Controlled)
Transfer In AP invoice
Transfer Out AP credit
Supplier invoice AP invoice
Supplier credit/RPC AP credit
Sales Ledger summary for Day Manual Journal  (deposits coded to 1000-Media clearing)
Cash/Cheque Deposit Bag information Bank Payment – with Bag# showing
Daily Eftpos deposit AR invoice

Xero restrictions

Credits must be manually allocated to an invoice – they can’t be tagged & paid in a group
Bank Payments can’t be ‘Split’,  Invoices can.
All suppliers are grouped as ‘Trade Accounts Payable’  No special handling for McKey.
Credits need to be allocated before the period lock date for the month is set as they can only be allocated to invoices with an open month date.  Probably best to allocate credits once Supplier statement has arrived & before period lock date is set.

Maxtel needs to control the following: –
Xero subscription for the organisation – to enable us to run a private app interface
If Xero organisation name, GST number or tracking categories are changed the linkage with OnTarget is disrupted.
Site prefix – Set after discussion with Franchisee. Used to prefix all Contacts to easy identify which site invoices relate to.  Facilitates site & company wide searches of a Contact.


If actual Eftpos deposit less than expected Eftpos deposit – choose ‘Split’ and enter actual amount.
The remainder will be available to match against later (eg Gift Cards from shopping centre show separately)
If actual Cash deposit less than expected Cash deposit – put difference to ‘prepayment’?

Deposit bag information entered in Ontarget or Ebos shows up in the reference area of the Xero expected payment.  Some bank feeds (eg ASB) show this information – others (eg Westpac) don’t.  Where shown it allows more accurate matching of deposits.

Cash & Eftpos Deposits

Sales Ledger Deposits can be configured in 2 different ways: –

  1. Bank Transaction (default)
  2. Ar Invoice
Cash Deposit Handling – 2 options Bank Transaction AR Invoice
Shows Bag # (as Reference if Bank Feed supports it) Yes No
Restricts transaction to sites primary Bank account Yes No
Allows Split of expected amount No Yes
Undo when incorrectly matched Unreconcile Delete
Unpaid amounts visible in Accounts Receivable No Yes
Unpaid amounts visible in Bank Account Transactions Yes No
Unpaid amounts visible via ‘Find & Match’ when reconciling Bank accounts Yes – only Site primary account Yes – any Site bank account
If your bank feed supports Bag # showing in the reference field and you want the added insurance of only allowing cash deposits from one site to be entered into the primary bank account for that site option 2 should be used.  This option requires a little more effort to deal with exceptions and undo incorrect matches.

Expected Cash Deposits are coded against the GL Account 1000-Media Clearing Account with the appropriate Site category set.  The Sales ledger journal for the day shows the contra entry and the balance of the account should be 0 at all times.

System Generated Journals – Standing Charges

These create an authorised Manual Journal in Xero.
These are only transferred to Xero after the month is finished.  (ie you can’t see these in advance before the month is finished)

Timing Factors

Changes made in OnTarget are NOT instantly visible in Xero.
They are normally batch processed into Xero at the start of each hour.
There are limits to how much we can do with Xero every 1hr and 24hrs.  Normally these limits won’t be reached unless a very high number of changes are being made – eg at initial setup/transition from OnTarget to Xero.  If they aren’t processed within the initial time period it will be continued in the next.

If you are using DataSmart to access Xero data (eg Financial Performance  & Trial Balance reports) it is only synchronised once a day @ 4:30am.
Credits need to be allocated before the period lock date for the month is set as they can only be allocated to invoices with an open month date.  Probably best to allocate credits once Supplier statement has arrived & before period lock date is set.

Deposits should not be reconciled at all in Xero unless the related day is fully complete and all the information has made it across to Xero.  Eg if a Cash deposit for yesterday is changed in OnTarget it will attempt to reverse out the postings it made for yesterday then insert the new values.  If any of those postings/deposits have been reconciled it locks that information in Xero and won’t allow it to be deleted – and therefore won’t insert any of the new changes.  If Day close option in OnTarget is used this would be less of a problem.  Probably easiest to operationally only reconcile deposits if they are from before yesterday  (as any changes in OnTarget would normally be made by the end of the following day)

Maxtel Only Operations

Maxtel can setup a default payment date for individual suppliers.
Current options are: –
1. 20th of following month,
2. 10th of following month if invoice dated 16th  (For McKey / Fresh Start Bakery)
3. 25th of current month if invoice dated < 16th  (For McKey / Fresh Start Bakery)


Transfers and credits reach Xero as ‘DRAFT’ Accounts Payable.
Transfers between sites belonging to the company create invoices & credits against the contact ‘Transfers within Company’.  There should be 1 invoice & 1 credit for each intra-company transfer and they should have equal & opposite amounts.  When matched they should be approved and allocated to each other. Once allocated no further payment processing is required.  If the amounts are different they will need to be fixed at the source or overridden in Xero to match.  If only one side shows up and it is a legitimate intra-company transfer the other side should be entered at source or directly in Xero then approved/allocated
-When a supplier credit confirmation arrives (actual credit note or shows on supplier statement) the credit should be approved and allocated to the appropriate or oldest unpaid invoice.

Part of the admin daily procedure should be to review all Draft Accounts Payable invoices/credit notes, approve/allocate all matching pairs, approve supplier credits when appropriate, and revise/approve other transfers when reconciling.

The above processing for the month should be done before the month is closed off as non Financial Advisors can’t allocate a credit to an invoice in a closed month.


Particulars, Code & Reference – need to be set to identify the customer .. NOT the invoice
These details are used by default in the Batch Payment section in Xero – BUT if you change the reference to invoice# only the first one is used – although all the rest are aggregated for the same supplier into one payment.


PAYE                           Site with reminder from Maxtel
GST                              Maxtel
Provisional Tax  Chapmans
FBT                             Quarterly by Maxtel
ACC                            Annual by Site – or Maxtel  (All should be on same category)


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