OnTarget Business Management is a fully integrated modular system, incorporating payroll, scheduling, cash tracking and stock control. Information stored and generated by each module flows through to other OnTarget modules and rolls-up eliminating the re-keying of information. The system produces clear, easy to read and understand reports. OnTarget will interface with a range of supported POS and Enterprise systems and has a Multi-language capability.

save-timeSave time

A simple 1-button-click will have your stock count entered in seconds allowing your team to focus on troubleshooting the stock variations, and improving your Gross Profit!


Find items easily

The existing stock count forms in OnTarget are downloaded into the Hand Held. In addition powerful Search facilities within OnHand allow the users to quickly find items by description or code.


uniwellUses existing hardware to save you money!

OnHand Stockcount operates on your existing HOT hardware. All you need is a data cable to connect the cradle to the PC.

OnTarget is a total business management system for quick service restaurants


Add enjoyment to counting

The staff look cool doing the counts on these high tech gadgets. Throw away those 1950’s clipboards and step into the future!


Eliminate Re-keying errors

By automatically uploading the data it completely eliminates the possibility of re-keying errors.


 Improve accuracy of counts

Use the Show expected count option to allow you staff to see if their counts are accurate on the floor!

  • Created a lot of interest and awareness in the restaurants, managers coming together as a team, working on highlighted issues. Action Plans actioned by restaurant managers. Team has not been so focused in a long time. Visits have been very useful, not only on OnTarget, but operational feedback has been useful. One of the best decisions made this year was to get OnTarget installed. Has helped withmanagement development, renewed managers interest.
    Marc Mcelrath, Owner Operator - McDonald's Fiji (3 sites)
  • OnTarget is really, really good. Their Scheduling Manager is now taking 5 hrs compared with 1 and half to 2 days in previous system. Eric is pleased with month end reports; Food & Paper Cost is more accurate and easier to trouble shoot problems.
    Eric, General Manager - Mcdonald's Tahiti
  • The data can be easily accessed by single site or in a consolidated format and downloaded in excel format. The data can then be used to suit specific purpose as required. The other really great thing is the data is available first thing in the morning so it is always up-to-date, being only a matter of hours behind close of day.
    Garry Haskett, franchisee of two restaurants. - KFC
  • Cash book and bank reconciliation is almost automatic, less than 30 seconds per day with online link to bank statements. Ability to handle more than one bank account. Business credit cards are simplified; they are just part of the cash book. The P&L balance sheet is always balanced. Simple drill down for any one line item. GST return is automatic. Ability to use from any computer.
    Tony Rowland, Franchisee Te Awamutu
  • OnTarget is a good product. The service provided was a deciding factor to have OnTarget in his Pacific Island countries (5 total), having one person (Maxtel representative) to deal with right from beginning has been good.
    Merrill Pereyra, Regional Manager - Pacific Islands
  • All reports are superb providing one page information on key controllables. Having reports emailed and available first thing in the morning is great. Used to spend an hour dialling to sites if he was out of town and had to use dial up.
    Bruce Davis, McDonald's

Pricing starting from as little as $100/mth

  • Access anywhere online
  • DataSmart report access for P&L analysis
  • Electronic P&L reporting to McDonalds
  • Automatic Cash & Eftpos deposit balance
  • Automatic end of month postings
  • Automatic Stock Valuation
  • No upgrade fees or contracts
  • Automatic backups
  • Reports accessible via iPad app

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