Monthly Software Licensing Cost

(All Pricing in local currency and exclusive of GST)
$100 per site


Remote Access, Automatic Back ups


Single Database of all employees,
Ability to complete payroll for multiple sites at the same time, Supports employees working at multiple sites, Comprehensive reporting.


• Payday Filing (NZ)
• STP (AU) with Ozedi filing @ $10 per site


May require a Citrix Login @ $67.50 per organisation

Available in New Zealand & Australia
$100 per site


Remote Access, Automatic Back ups


Bank Recs Direct Bank Feeds, Direct credit batch files for supplier payments. Supports Accounts Payable solutions eg Lightyear


P&L account & Balance Sheet Analysis.
Supports multi-site and multi-company ownership


Required per company @ 75% of Xero list price (eg NZ$45.00, AU$37.50)

Available in New Zealand & Australia
$525 per site


Remote Access, Automatic Back ups


• Enterprise Payroll Module

• Xero Connector Module

• Scheduling Module (My Restaurant Alternative)
Sales (or Guest Count) & Productivity driven Rosters,
Accurate labour costings

• Cash & Stock Module (eBOS Alternative)
Management Tracking reports incl sales, labour, waste and cash, Centralised control of Stock & Recipe set- ups, Accurate calculation of cost of goods, analysis and reporting,


Consolidated reporting, Automated send of Daily report configuration,
P&L account & Balance Sheet analysis


NewPOS6, WizBang


Monday to Friday, 9.00-5.00pm (NZST)


Optional @ $15 per site (Hardware not included), fully integrated with Payroll & Scheduling

Available in New Zealand
Available soon in Australia and Pacific Islands

What our customers say

  • As newcomers to McDonald’s franchising we welcomed the support and knowledge base Maxtel could offer. Their team have a high level of experience and for us it was beneficial to out-source our payroll and payment functionality allowing us to be active hands on owners concentrating on improving the businesses key areas of operation and the financial returns this can generate for us in the long term. There is high level of understanding of our business drivers at Maxtel, they work well with our accountants and importantly they are a solution oriented business in an area where legislation is changing fast. We would definitely recommend Maxtel.
    Ken & Cherie Harlock, McDonald’s Franchisee New Zealand
  • All reports are superb providing one page information on key controllables. Having reports emailed and available first thing in the morning is great. Used to spend an hour dialling to sites if I was out of town and had to use dial up.
    Bruce Davis, McDonald's Franchisee New Zealand
  • Created a lot of interest and awareness in the restaurants, managers coming together as a team, working on highlighted issues. Action Plans actioned by restaurant managers. Team has not been so focused in a long time. Visits have been very useful, not only on OnTarget, but operational feedback has been useful. One of the best decisions made this year was to get OnTarget installed. Has helped with management development, renewed managers interest.
    Marc Mcelrath, McDonald's Fiji
  • We are pleased to endorse Maxtel as our provider for most of our back of office needs. Maxtel is a great example of the 3 legged stool collaborating for the benefit of the entire system. The operating system is very easy to use, has all the functionality we need in business. The team from Maxtel are always available if we have any issues arise and also they have an option to submit any enhancements that we as Franchisees feel would benefit the system. On a day to day basis our teams thrive given the tools and resource & reporting systems at their disposal. Legislation is always changing and Maxtel are proactive in this area, working with MRL to ensure a seamless process is adhered to when implementing change. Maxtel have been our provider for a very long time and we wish to give confidence to other Franchisees that you will not be disappointed with the leadership, the operating system and support you will be given if you choose to partner with Maxtel for your back office needs.
    Justin Stonelake, McDonald’s Franchisee New Zealand
  • I have found that the team at Maxtel provide expert advice and consistently excellent service. Amongst the many great things that they do for my business is come up with products that add real value to myself and the team in the Restaurants. Items like the Maxtel employee app and the Maxtel Sales app have materially helped us get improved results from a compliance perspective as well as a Management perspective as well. They certainly understand our business and are proactive in coming up with ideas that make our lives much easier. I have no hesitation in recommending Maxtel as a great Supplier who really cares about making my business more successful.
    Rob and Linley Parry, McDonald’s Franchisee New Zealand
  • Cash book and bank reconciliation is almost automatic, less than 30 seconds per day with online link to bank statements. Ability to handle more than one bank account. Business credit cards are simplified; they are just part of the cash book. The P&L balance sheet is always balanced. Simple drill down for any one line item. GST return is automatic. Ability to use from any computer.
    Tony Rowland, McDonald’s Franchisee New Zealand