Reconcile Deposits in white

In this tutorial we will show you how to reconcile your bank transactions in Xero that do not show up in green

In the Xero dashboard please select the bank account that you want to reconcile.
Displayed on the left hand side are all your bank statement lines imported automatically from your bank feeds. The information on the Right Hand Side comes from Maxtel (OnTarget/Ebos Cash Sheet information)

Xero will attempt to match most of your bank transactions automatically by amount and past actions.
We have already done all the transactions shown in green so are left with the ones in white.

Sign WarningDo not press ok now!


Please do not press ok as you need to find the best match and then enter and assign the variation amounts correctly.

To do this:

  • Please click on Find and Match
  • Either scroll through the transactions displayed or enter the details you want to match in the search box (eftpos)
  • Check for a reference or bag number match
  • If none then check the dates, make sure your match is a realistic date, as in, the money must have been received first before it can show up as deposited in the bank
  • Check that the money difference is realistic, these might be from things like an eftpos settlement times or voucher
  • Tick the box, once you have selected the best possible match
  • Scroll down to Create a new transaction, Receive Money
  • Choose Deposit variations or enter the code directly 7510
  • Scroll down to Create a new transaction, Receive Money
  • Change the unit price to match the variance amount shown, make sure to include the positive or negative sign shown
  • Save transaction
  • The bank transaction is now displayed in green its value matching up with the 2 combined transactions
  • You can now select OK or press reconcile

Smiley HappyAll done! You’ve reconciled all the transactions for this account.


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